Profile setup

During the onboarding we ask you setup your profile. You can add an avatar, choose your name, set a username and choose your color. The color is used for your cursor, avatar, border, and messages.

settings profile.png

Sign in to Sail

Email address and password

  1. Open the Sail desktop app.
  2. Select Log in from the starting sceen
  3. Enter your Email address and then your Password.
  4. Click Sign in to access your account.

Sign out of Sail

Signing out of your account happens in the sidebar of your settings panel.

  1. Head to Settings in the bottom bar of your sidebar.
  2. Click Sign out.
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Reset your password

If you've forgotten your password or are unable to access your account, you can reset your password from the log in screen.

  1. Select Log in from the application.
  2. Click Forgot password? from the modal.
  3. Enter the Email for your account and click Reset password. If there is an account registered under that email address, Figma will send a password reset email to your address.
  4. Open the password reset email and click Reset your password.
  5. Enter your new password in the Choose a new password field and then Confirm password.
  6. Click Submit to update your password.

If you are already logged in to your Sail account and know your current password, you can update your password from your account settings.

Reset your password.png

Delete your account

Request account deletion

To permanently delete your account, you must send an email requesting account deletion to [](