With audio, you can make a voice call to talk with anyone in your board.

Use audio to have live conversations with other people in your board. Audio is great for:

  • Presenting ideas for feedback
  • Spontaneous conversations and collaboration
  • Quickly explaining an idea
  • Casual chats and group working sessions
  • Getting on the same page with another collaborator

Set up audio

You'll need to grant Sail permission to access your microphone.

Give Sail access to your microphone:

  1. Enter a Sail board by opening Sail
  2. Click the “Headphone” toggle in the topbar of your board.
  3. Your computer will ask you for permission to use your microphone or input device.
  4. Allow access.

Start a conversation

You can start a call in a board by pressing by switching the audio toggle. You can also use the shortcut OPTION  + T.

Muting yourself

In the bottom right corner you can Mute or unmute yourself. When muted and in a call others can see that you are muted. They can view your mute status on your cursor and on your avatar in the right topbar.