Log #96

December 6, 2022

Multiplayer performance improvements

tl;dr - Using Sail with other people works much more smoothly now


  • Watch videos together!
  • Play time is synced across everyone watching
  • Performance improvements across the board
  • Sail can handle more simultaneous users at once now
  • Less lag for shared actions (e.g., scrolling and typing)
  • Fewer frame drops for sites like Figma or Google Docs (i.e., increased WebGL performance in multiplayer websites)
  • New title design for boards


  • Users now time out correctly
  • Fixed lines not being drawn correctly for message cards with referenced cards
  • Clicking “focus button” now consistently zooms to fill screen for web cards
  • Fixed references being clickable in message cards
  • Fixed autofocus on invite cards
  • Fixed loader for multiplayer websites
  • Fixed stale screenshot previews for multiplayer websites
  • Fixed URL not updating for multiplayer websites
  • Fixed update card for multiplayer websites
  • Fixed various issues where multiplayer websites would not start correctly in adverse network situations